Is Family Mediation right for me?

October 2018

Mediation is increasingly referred to in newspapers, social media and the radio. There have even been television programmes showing mediation in action. Despite this, there are mixed messages out there about how it is done.

There are options on how you mediate so choose the one that best fits your circumstances:-

(a)        The primary model of mediation involves the two clients in a room with a neutral mediator who is there to facilitate discussions and to ensure that the conversation does not degenerate to an unacceptable level but instead focuses on the future and a mutually acceptable agreement.

(b)        “Shuttle” mediation is available where the clients feel unable to share a room at all. The clients sit in separate rooms within the building, the mediator moving between the rooms to aid communication and seek a resolution to any issues.

(c)        Where clients cannot be in the same building either for personal reasons or geographical, the mediation can take place by skype.  Neither client is in the office and effectively mediation is done on a group conference call.

Our mediators here at Haymarket Family Mediation have training in all types of mediation to ensure clients have the best possible experience at what is inevitably a difficult time of their lives. This can be in relation to children, finances and/or communication problems. Suitably qualified Mediators are also able to see children where parents feel that this would assist in the resolution of a problem.

If more information is required or you wish to set up a preliminary “Mediation Information and Assessment” meeting to assess suitability, please contact Sheila Parkes on 01256 350012 or by email at

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