Is it time for you to “Call the Mediator”?

June 2016

Tonight’s BBC documentary “Mr and Mrs Call the Mediator” will take a close look at the family mediation process through the eyes of 3 couples who are separating and trying to make arrangements for the children and their finances.  This will be a fascinating insight into the usually confidential meetings involved in mediation and will look at the impact on the individuals involved and their children.

Family Mediation is an increasingly popular option for couples and families as an alternative to an application to the Court.  It is almost always quicker and cheaper than court proceedings.  As family mediator, Elizabeth Ford, says; “fundamentally, mediation offers the opportunity for families to make arrangements for themselves rather than having decisions imposed upon them by a Court.  It is much more likely that these arrangements will endure successfully in the future.”

So when should you consider mediation?  At any time if you are encountering legal and practical problems following the breakdown of a relationship.  Some couples find it a helpful way to make immediate arrangements whilst others use it to break a long-running deadlock between them.  The Courts now encourage parties to family cases to engage in mediation wherever possible.  Before issuing an application for orders relating to children or matrimonial property, potential applicants must now attend a Mediation, Information and Assessment meeting; a MIAM.  The Court will frequently allow and encourage proceedings to be adjourned so that an attempt at mediation can be made.

If you recognise the family situations featured tonight and over the next few weeks as having similarities to yours or you would just like to know more, Haymarket Family Mediation can help.  Sheila Parkes, Liz Brown and Elizabeth Ford will be happy to talk to you about the process and how we can help you and your family.

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The first episode of the BBC documentary will be aired at 9pm on BBC on 21st June 2016.  Information about the programme can be found at:



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