What can we learn from the trial of Helen Titchener?

September 2016

The nation has recently been gripped by the ongoing saga of Helen Titchener.  But behind the drama and intrigue that kept us all guessing, what lessons can we learn?

Helen Titchener (nee Archer) was acquitted but it was a touch and go decision through the hour long Archers special on 11th September 2016.  By way of commentary on the events of the previous months during which the story had run, the jurors reflected a wide range of views.  Sadly many of these demonstrated a total failure to understand the causes and effects of domestic abuse and the reaction of some people to situations which they either cannot understand or to which it is easier to close their minds.

At Brain Chase Coles we understand the enormous difficulties which victims of abuse can face in trying to change their lives.  If you are a victim we hope you will find the courage to speak out and find help before events become as dramatic as in the Archers.  The law gives us a range of tools that we can use to help you make a stand and we are happy to support you all the way through whatever legal process is required.

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