Financial and Property Settlements

The future of the family home, its ownership and occupation is often one of the most worrying concerns when a relationship breaks down. There are inevitably other questions too – “how will other capital assets be divided? Will there be enough money to pay the monthly bills and any debts? What happens about pensions?” How much should I pay for the children?” One or more of these questions arises in almost every marriage or relationship breakdown. All of our lawyers have the skill and experience to assist our clients in resolving these issues to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome and to help our clients plan and build for the future with as much financial security as possible.

There are a number of ways in which property and financial issues can be resolved. If a couple are able to reach agreement themselves then our role need only be to draw up the appropriate documentation to ratify that agreement and to implement it. As members of Resolution, we will always consider the option of mediation to resolve difficulties by discussion and of course provide our clients with clear information when the Court process requires them to attend a Mediation, Information and Assessment meeting. We are able to support and assist the mediation process by discussing ideas and proposals with our clients between mediation sessions, thereby enabling them to mediate with a better understanding of the options and their goals.

Where mediation is not appropriate or breaks down then our lawyers will negotiate with the other partner or their solicitors to try to achieve a solution and if all else fails then ultimately we represent our clients in applications to the Court, presenting their case in the best possible light to achieve an appropriate Court Order.

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