Children Issues

Children are the most important people in any marriage or relationship breakdown and our lawyers, like the family courts, place them at the centre of any future arrangements.

In many cases the parents are able to discuss and agree the best arrangements for their children; who they live with and how often they will spend time with their other parent. Very often, lawyers need never be involved but in some situations, sadly, agreement is not so easy to achieve. All our lawyers have considerable experience of dealing with children cases, whether in advising and assisting to facilitate an agreement, or in bringing the matter before a Court for a decision.

We suggest that legal advice could help you if you are struggling to make arrangements for how the children spend their time with their parents or other members of the family. The law recognises the importance of the wider family and our lawyers regularly advise relatives such as grandparents. Alternatively, there might be specific decisions that need to be made about the children such as schooling, trips abroad, their health or their surname. We will advise you about ways in which you can formally agree this with the other parent or, if necessary, how to apply to the court for a Specific Issue or Prohibited Steps Order.

Parents whose children are the subject of concerns by the Local Authority benefit from legal advice early on and we have considerable experience representing parents and other family members in Care Proceedings. We recognise that this is a very difficult time and will provide straightforward information and advice to help you navigate the court proceedings.

We always encourage a positive attitude towards resolving issues concerning children as quickly as possible to minimise the distress and confusion that the children might otherwise experience when their parents cannot agree.

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