April 2012

“Captain Corelli” Author Advocates Mediation

Like many others reading this, Sheila Parkes, Head of Haymarket Family Mediation at Brain Chase Coles, read Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres, several years ago for her Book Club. Little did she think then that she would be coming across him again not as an author but this time extolling the benefits of mediation in the area of family breakdown.

February 2012

Be prepared for Bank of Mum and Dad debt call

Brain Chase Coles are warning home-buyers who turn to the “bank of mum and dad” and increasingly the bank of grandparents to buy their home to prepare for all eventualities, as generous family members tighten their belts.

December 2011

Solicitors – A Caring Profession

Brain Chase Coles is now the only firm left in Basingstoke offering Legal Aid (now called public funding) for general Family Law problems. Apart from an excellent niche practice specialising in childcare cases involving the local authority, all the other major firms in Basingstoke have long since given up Legal Aid. Why?

December 2011

Conveyancing Referrals – Stay Local!

A Bill is going through parliament at the moment to introduce wide ranging reforms of the legal system covering not only widely publicised areas such as legal aid and sentencing, but also reforming the rules for payment of costs in accident claims. One proposal is to make payment of referral fees for accident cases illegal, […]

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