Follow Nigella’s Recipe?

August 2013

You will have seen in the press that Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi are getting divorced after the pictures of their altercation in a restaurant hit the front pages of the newspapers. But, strange you may think, the press report that neither are making any financial claims against the other. Whilst both of them are no doubt rich enough in their own right, it is unusual for a couple who have been married for many years not to have some financial issues to be resolved.

The suggestion in the press, which is likely to be true, is that the now unhappy couple entered into a Pre-Nuptial Agreement before they got married. What a lot of pain, aggravation, not to mention legal costs, that will have saved them. So whether it’s Nigella’s recipe or not for a smooth and streamline divorce, our advice to everyone contemplating a second marriage, particularly in middle life and especially if they have children from an earlier relationship and most importantly if they are bringing assets such as a home or savings to their new relationship, is: “Get a Pre-Nup”.

A Pre-Nuptial Agreement can save so much stress and heartache if the marriage breaks down. It can be agreed and negotiated in an amicable and friendly way – one would expect nothing else between a couple who have decided to get married. The Collaborative Family Law process is ideally suited to negotiating Pre-Nups. For more information about Collaborative Law, whether a Pre-Nup or at the time of divorce to adopt a friendly and constructive approach, contact: Nick Massey-Chase at, or see: or

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