Expert Lawyers: Ordinary People

October 2011

While on holiday in Greece this summer, I was talking to the Welsh owner of the bar in which my wife and I were having an end of evening Greek brandy. He asked what I did and I told him. “You surprise me” he said “you seem too nice to be a lawyer”. Of course that pleased me but did it reflect the public’s perception of lawyers?

Lawyers traditionally have a reputation for being rather aloof and unapproachable and talking legal gobbledegook; not so with Brain Chase Coles. We are just ordinary people who happen to be good lawyers. We don’t sit in smart pin stripes behind grand desks in posh offices. You don’t have to worry about coming to see us. We are very local, situated in the Town Centre and our Receptionist will put you at ease as soon as you arrive. Your lawyer will talk to you in plain English and not be condescending or judgmental. We all have families; we are all real people; we just happen to be experts in what we do, which is to look after your legal needs.

I think one of the best compliments paid to the firm was a few years ago when a new Cashier who had worked with a large number of firms of solicitors over the years as a solicitor’s software trainer commented: “the nice thing about working here is that while you are all good lawyers you are just ordinary people”.

Yes, we are just ordinary people in an ordinary office who just happen to have lots and lots of expertise in the law. Why not arrange to meet us to see how we can help you.

Nick Massey-Chase

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